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Up to five re-deals in this fabulous new Blackjack game.

About Microgaming European Blackjack Redeal Gold

Microgaming European Blackjack Redeal Gold adds an exciting new possibility to traditional European Blackjack online. You now have the option to redeal the cards up to five times per game. That includes your hand, the Dealer's hand or the last card dealt. Add to this an elegant appearance, with topnotch graphics and animation, plus super fast gaming, and you've got a winning formula.

European Blackjack Redeal Gold - Object of the Game

The object of the European Blackjack Redeal Gold game is to achieve a hand with a value that is closer to 21 than the Dealer's without exceeding 21 (busting).

The Player

To play European Blackjack Redeal Gold, select the amount you want to bet for this round and click Deal to start the round. Cards will be dealt - two cards face up for you and one face down plus one face up for the Dealer. Now make a decision based on your cards and the Dealer's up cards.

You may choose Redeal; Hit to receive another card; Stand to keep the cards in your hand and end your turn; Double to double your bet and be dealt one more card; or if you've been dealt a Pair, Split to double your bet and split your hand into two. You will automatically be dealt the additional cards and play each hand separately.

The Dealer

  • The Dealer must hit on any hard or soft total of 16 or less.
  • The Dealer must stand on any hard or soft total of 17 or more.


To win:

  • Get Blackjack.
  • Make a hand closer to 21 than the Dealer's hand without busting.
  • Stay within 21 points while the Dealer busts.

Basic Game Rules

  • Cards are dealt from two standard 52-card decks and may be redealt up to five times per round.
  • Cards are re-shuffled after each round.
  • Blackjack wins automatically, but if you and the Dealer receive Blackjack simultaneously, it is a draw and you push.

Our Tips

This exciting new game takes some getting used to, for both beginning and veteran players. The Microgaming European Blackjack Redeal Gold strategy chart, accessible at any point in the game, will guide you as to when to split, double and hold or request a redeal.

Mobile Compatible

This game can be played on a mobile device (mobile device may require certain specifications)


Game Details

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Dealer Stands on 17
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