Of the many types of bonus offers available at Microgaming-powered mobile and online casinos, few are as exciting, generous or as popular as Microgaming free play bonuses, the best of which you'll find featured right here on this page. The reason is that this type of bonus is 100% free and allows you to ‘test drive' real money games for ‘no money down.'

The only downside to best Microgaming free play bonuses is that for some reason very few are available to UK residents. In fact, at the time of writing there were none available, but that can change at any time and when it does we'll update the page. We encourage you to check back here regularly as you may just find a juicy UK-friendly bonus waiting for you.

Best Microgaming One Hour Free Bonus Codes

Below you'll find a selection of the most premier Microgaming online casinos with the very best one hour free bonus codes. All you have to do to take advantage of a bonus is click on its ‘Play Now' button and follow the link to the casino, sign up for a real money account (no deposit required) and enter the code to claim your bonus before activating it:

How To Use a Microgaming Free Play Bonus Code And Win Real Money

The great thing about Microgaming free play bonus code offers is how quick and easy they are to claim and play. But first, a quick explanation of what they are and how they work. As their name suggests, they are 100% free bonus offers that are only available to new or first time players at online casinos with games suites supplied by top vendor, Microgaming.

There are three main components of free play bonuses that require codes. The first is the monetary amount of free credits awarded to players, the second is the time limit in which to play said credits (this is typically one hour), and the third is the special code made up of letters and numbers that you must enter in the required field to unlock the bonus.

It's important to note that not all free play Microgaming bonuses have special codes, but those that do always are always accompanied by the boldly highlighted code in the bonus or promotions page. This is to make it easy for you to spot so you can copy and paste it when required during the signing up process.

As soon as you start the bonus, your 60 minutes of play time begins to countdown. Provided you don't run out of funds, your session will end precisely after one hour. As long as you meet the wagering requirements in the bonus terms and condition, you can bank your winnings up to a maximum specified amount, which you can play as regular bonus cash.

For example, renowned Microgaming-powered online gaming site Casino Action currently has a generous £1,250 Free Play Bonus offer. All you have to do to unlock this generous new player bonus offering is:

  • Download and install the casino's free Microgaming software
  • Sign up for a new real money account and login to the casino
  • Redeem your £1,250 and activate your 1 hour with real casino cash

Can You Clear a 1 Hour Free Play Bonus?

One hour free play bonus offers are notoriously hard to clear or cancel once activated. Some bonuses let you reset your credits and any winnings you've accrued to the full starting amount within the hour (your time cannot be reset, however), but most require you to play out the bonus in full before you can make a deposit and play with ‘regular' playing funds.

No Download vs. Download 1 Hour Free Bonuses

One of the most appealing characteristics of 1 hour free bonuses is that they can be enjoyed on both download and no download Microgaming online casinos.

Whether you sign up at a Microgaming-powered online casino with solely downloadable games or one with both instant play (no download) games and downloadable games, you can rest assured that your 1 hour free bonus will not be affected.

So even if you play out your free casino cash for an hour on an internet browser-based instant play slot game or one you've installed on your PC or laptop, you can still enjoy some of Microgaming's finest offerings as well as bank your winnings.

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