Microgaming Fruit Machines

Massively popular in the UK, Microgaming’s fruit machines hark back to the fruit slots, or “fruities,” once typically found in British pubs and arcades. These original slot machines showed fruit symbols and winning players would receive prizes of fruit flavored gum. We will list all the modern Microgaming fruit machines on this page.

Fruit Machines Games

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    Stallionaire Pub
    Pub Fruity
    Pub Fruity
    Max Damage and the Alien Attack
    Max Damage and the Alien…
    You Lucky Barstard
    Lucky Barstard

Microgaming AWP Slots

Many of today’s most enthusiastic gamblers have never played on a real “live” slot machine, having spent their entire gaming career in online casinos. But now a wave of nostalgia seems to be sweeping the UK, at least in this area. This explains the enormous popularity of the new / old fruit machines, also known as AWP (“amusement with prizes”) slots. These games simulate the classic, simple three reel slot machines of yore. Like the old fashioned machines, their modern counterparts feature an elaborate bonus round where you make a selection or series of selections in an entertaining game.

Amusement with Prizes

Although it resembles a typical three reel slot machine in most respects, a fruit machine offers several very amusing – and often profitable – special features: sub games and trails, nudges and holds. Sub games and trails are games within a game that provide the possibility of additional payouts. Nudges let the player choose a reel to advance by one step, revealing the next symbol in the pay line for the chance at a winning slot combination. Holds act to “hold,” or freeze a single reel in place while the other two are spun again.

Play Online AWP Slots

Like their “cousins,” multi reel slots, AWP fruit machines boast exciting and amusing themes. These are often based on – guess what? Fruit! An example is Fruit Smoothies. But, for variety’s sake, the games may have themes based on hit movies (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), (Pandamonium), Indian takeout food (Cash 'n Curry), or anything else that may strike the developer’s fancy. This, together with the unique special features, makes the games especially amusing to play.

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