Microgaming in Regulated Markets

People gamble every day. Whether it is a gamble connected with making every day decisions or actual gambling by playing casino or poker games, gambling is present in all parts of the globe. Gambling dates back in ancient times and it is still present in every culture. Since the introduction of the Internet, gambling made its way online and currently there are many forms of online gambling ranging from casinos to poker rooms, bingo and sports betting. However, not all counties allow online gambling and there are still some “grey” areas where the industry needs to be regulated. With the rapid developing and expanding of the online gaming industry, it is no wonder why many markets are becoming regulated and software producers like Microgaming help in the regulation of these areas and offer their products.

What does Regulation means?

The term “regulation” refers to legitimizing the previously “grey” online gaming markets and making them more attractive to operators. This, in turn, will boost government revenues and it will create new jobs. However, because of the ever- changing regulations, online gaming operators will always need help in providing profitable long-term presence in a regulated market. To make significant gains, operators will have to do careful planning, compliance advice and support from local businesses. Still, regulating grey markets is the first step to be done which will make the online gaming industry grow and expand further in the coming years.

Microgaming and its Role in the Regulated Markets

Microgaming is one of the first entrants into newly regulated markets and it is considered to be the leading software developer and technology partner in regulated markets. It has passed the tests as well as all the requirements associated with certification and licensing and it currently offers compliant solutions in four regulated markets. It started to offer its products in Italy in 2009 and in 2012 it started to offer its services to Denmark, Belgium and Spain. 
Microgaming has achieved its good reputation by establishing flexible and tactical partnerships in the above- mentioned regulated markets; by conceiving fully compliant and top class-leading solutions and by leveraging its reputation for excellent quality.

Microgaming in Denmark and Italy

There are a number of online casino operators in the regulated market of Denmark that have chosen to power their online casinos by QuickFire, powered by Microgaming. QuickFire is considered to be the natural choice for an operator entering the regulated Danish market. This software platform has a lot of experience in other Scandinavian markets and the games it offers are one of the best. The platform can easily be integrated into the operators’ systems. Some operators point out that after two weeks being live, the games became very appealing to the Danish people as well as to players from all over Europe.

There are also other operators, some even already using the poker offering by Micogaming, that have chosen QuickFire to provide the well- known Microgaming online casino games. Through QuickFire these operators can offer live dealer and mini games on their websites.

Furthermore, Prima Networks Limited, powered by Microgaming is a software platform that providers poker, bingo and casino software to operators within the regulatory parameters of Italy. Italian players can now try out the state-of-the-art Microgaming games and play in high- end gaming environment.

Microgaming in Belgium and Spain

Microgaming’s award winning games are also present in Belgium and Spain and the brand operates through Prima Networks software platform. Belgian players in particular have an officially licensed online bingo room powered by Prima Networks. Through Prima Networks, operators have the flexibility to customize their bingo rooms and at the same time they offer a bit different and unique gaming experience to players. Providing the market-leading products from Microgaming to the Belgian and Spanish market has been a great achievement.

Why will Microgaming Continue to Thrive in Regulated Markets?

There are several key reasons why Microgaming software will continue to exist in the regulated and soon to be regulated online gaming markets. The first reason is because Microgaming delivers world-class stable systems and its infrastructure and support is one of the best. Secondly, the software platform offers the world's best player experience. Micogaming software and products deliver the best possible gaming experience to online players by offering superb graphics, animations and sound as well as thrilling gaming features. And thirdly, its poker network in particular is one of the best. It enables operators to customize, launch and manage its own poker tables, including poker tournaments.