Whilst online casino bonuses are popular with players and for good reason, other types of promotions are often overlooked when choosing an online casino.

Microgaming casinos are known to run the most lucrative promotions in the well online casino world. The biggest prize draws and casino tournaments are consistently hosted at Microgaming casinos.

This page is updated once a month with some juicy offers at Microgaming casinos, These taken on various formats such as free spins, prize draws (merchandise and even vacation packages), bonus credits or cash.

This list of promotions is by no means exhaustive, but as you will there is a lot to choose from. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter - we will alert you of fresh promotions as they become available.

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Hot Microgaming Promotions

Types of Online Casino Promotions

Prize draws

Microgaming casinos run regular prize draws for bonus credits, cash, merchandise and even in some cases vacations. These draws will have different criteria for entering but the most typical are based on wagering volume on specified games. Draws will typically allow players to earn multiple tickets.


These are very popular at Microgaming casinos and the biggest tournament in the history if the industry had a Million Dollar cash prize for first places and was played at all Microgaming casinos. Tournaments will have small or large prize pools and may or may not require an entry fee.

Bonus credits or Free Spins

These are common promotions at most casinos and are conducted on a specific day or within a given time frame. Bonus credits or free spins are awarded randomly to players who are logged on during the promotion window. Most casinos run these weekly.

Loyalty Point Giveaways

These promotions will involve the casino giving away loyalty points in their rewards program for players fulfilling certain criteria such as playing a specified game within the promotion period.