Two of the most misused terms in the online gambling industry, “Casino VIP” and “High Roller” are applied (or misapplied) to all sorts of programs. The majority of casinos promote a big bonus and slightly better terms in their loyalty program for their larger depositors and that is the sum total of their VIP program.

Numerous Microgaming operators have refined their process of looking after high rollers and VIPs to a tee and some have a dedicated team for this purpose.

However, true high roller casinos are so much more. They know that the typical high rolling, big spending gambler has the potential to bring a great deal of revenue to an online casino operation, and to refer friends in a similar income bracket if he is satisfied with the level of service. If you fall into the category of High Roller, you are most likely accustomed to a high degree of pampering at land based casinos and expect the same online.

Hot High Roller Bonuses

What is a High Roller Casino?

At their best, High Roller Casinos on the Web cater to larger depositors with extra special treatment such as dedicated support staff or “invitation only” private VIP rooms. Other perks may include loyalty programs designed to reward members commensurate to wagering activity, which are more extensive in terms of the types of rewards offered, such as incentive trips; bespoke betting limits; customized High Roller casino bonus structures that can be changed quickly and even extending credit to the most valued clientele.

Are all VIP Programs the Same?

Far from being clones of one another, VIP programs vary widely. In its simplest form, the term may refer to a loyalty scheme, where all casino members are rewarded with points according to the amount they play.

A somewhat more sophisticated version is the tiered program that awards increasingly generous benefits the more the player spends. At the top of the scale, you will find the crème de la crème, those programs which actually customize casino VIP bonuses and other benefits for Very Important Players. In the main, Microgaming casinos have fairly unexciting offerings for VIPs but some operators have built a loyalty program akin to what we see with mainstream companies like airlines and banks.

What about High Roller Casino Bonuses?

You will see some casinos that advertise what they call High Roller bonuses but this is done primarily to create the impression that the sites are high class and cater to this type of player. In fact, real High Rollers tend to be quite discreet in their gambling.

For this reason, they prefer to deal privately with the casinos, ideally with the aid of a dedicated staff member. The general public is usually not aware of casino VIP bonus amounts awarded to the extremely high spenders. For the most part, such bonuses are either generous match bonuses or regular cash back bonuses based on losses or deposits over a period of time.