Microgaming Casino Tournaments

Land based casino tournaments are extremely attractive and popular. Microgaming recognized this and identified a need for similar online events. Online casino tournaments started off with a bang when they were first introduced at the end of the last decade. Events like multi million dollar guaranteed tournaments naturally generated a lot of excitement among Internet gamers. Today, the frenzy has quieted down somewhat but Microgaming casino tournaments are still a popular way to bring together players from all over the world. Follow our live feed of casino tournaments from multiple Microgaming operators. In addition, we will list the casinos that, in our opinion, manage their tournament offerings the best.

Types of Online Tournaments

The different types of casino tournaments vary in three different respects: player eligibility, scheduling and entry fee. Some Microgaming casino tournaments are by invitation only, bringing together top playing high rollers. Others are open to the general casino membership, either upon payment of an entry fee (“buy ins”) or free of charge (“freerolls”). The buy in tournaments offer cash prizes based on the pool of entry fee monies, while freerolls may be sponsored or offered by the casino in order to attract new members and promote new games. Some tournaments are scheduled to begin at a specified time and date, no matter how many players show up. Others are called “sit ‘n’ go,” meaning that players turn up, register and then “sit” waiting until a set number of participants have signed up to play.

Microgaming Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments usually entail a group of players all playing the same slot game at once. A One Shot Tournament allows participants only one chance to achieve their best score in the chosen game. An Extender Tournament permits players to build up their top score by using extenders such as additional coins and time. A Reloader Tournament does not okay the use of extenders but does give the green light to reloading, to allow players more chances to win. A Survivor Tournament goes on for multiple rounds, gradually eliminating players until the survivor with the highest score wins.

Microgaming Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are very exciting, as hundreds of players may participate. Usually Microgaming blackjack tournaments consist of three rounds of play, each made up of several hands. Several decks of cards are used in each round. You will need to be registered as a member of the host casino to take part in the tournament, so if you wish to take part in a competition, make sure you take care of that bit of business ahead of time. Additionally, if you want to play in a scheduled tournament, you must give advance notice.

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