As one of the undisputed pioneers of the casino gaming industry, Microgaming has carved out a reputation for quality and excellence with its wide selection of quality games. Blackjack is one area that the company has specialized in, and its expertise is second to none. One of the most extensive collections of blackjack titles in the business is what you get, with more than 40 variants now available. Details about some of the more popular variants are outlined below.

Some of the most notable features of the company’s blackjack games are:

  • Multi-player support
  • Support for several languages
  • State-of-the-art graphics and sound
  • Flexible betting limits

Blackjack At A Glance







Microgaming also pioneered progressive jackpot blackjack. These games offer all the advantages of a modern blackjack game with the added bonus of jackpots that get bigger and bigger over time. With these variants, players have a chance to win some truly high-value cash payouts.

Don’t let the progressive jackpots scare you off, however. The company prides itself on offering something for everyone, and flexible betting limits means that anyone can get in on the action. Whether you are a high roller or a beginner looking to get started with a modest wager, these blackjack games will be right up your alley! More details about flexible betting limits are discussed below.

The cream of the crop of the MG collection is undoubtedly the Gold Series games. Several notches above the already excellent playing experience provided by the ‘Standard’ games, the Gold Series bring a whole new level of excitement with state-of-the-art graphics, ultra realistic sound, and a host of advanced features. Read on to find out more about the Gold Series!

Blackjack Games

The widest range of blackjack rules and variations

More than just pioneering state-of-the-art online blackjack, Microgaming has actually established the most comprehensive sets of blackjack rules that you can find anywhere, along with loads of interesting variations. Offering standard and classic games, some truly unique regional variations, and the Gold Series games, the firm offers something for every type of blackjack player, regardless of skill, preference, or playing experience. These are the features that define Microgaming blackjack:

  1. Number of games

    40 variations of blackjack are currently available.

  2. Number of decks

    Games use anywhere from one to eight decks per game, with the actual number varying depending on the game.

  3. Table limits

    Microgaming’s blackjack titles provide a great deal of flexibility with regard to betting limits. Casinos that offer the company’s blackjack games typically feature both low value and high roller tables, so anyone can play regardless of betting preference. With some casinos, the minimum bet could be as little as £1, with maximum bets allowable up to £200.

    Casinos that offer this flexibility include Royal Vegas and Roxy Palace. In order to gain access to this feature, players will have to sign up for a free account.

  4. Gold Series blackjack

    Blackjack titles come in two categories: standard and gold. The standard games are anything but, with fast and smooth gameplay and single hand versus multi-hand options some of its most notable characteristics. In terms of performance and quality, these blackjack games definitely stand apart from other developers’ “standard” offerings.

    That being said, the games under the gold category are several notches higher, providing an even more satisfactory gaming experience. In addition to higher minimum bet limits, these games also offer more impressive graphics and animation, with a realistic display angle that gives players the impression of playing at a real blackjack table. Gold series games also offer enhanced performance and faster gameplay.

    But there is more to the Gold Series games than just aesthetics. Table limits are also $1 to $4 higher, and wagering limits gave been increased to $5 to $200 from the $2 to $200 in the standard games,

  5. Live blackjack

    Microgaming is one of the pioneers of the online casino gaming industry, and it is also one of the first to offer a full range of live blackjack games. Offering fast-paced action and a host of advanced features, live blackjack games are dealt from an eight-deck shoe, with 15-second bet placement periods for every hand.

    Games are offered in Casino and Game views, with typical features including:

    • Autobet
    • My Waiting List
    • PlayCheck
  6. Mobile blackjack

    As with live blackjack games, the company also pioneered mobile blackjack in the industry, and its long years of experience are apparent in the range and quality of its mobile offerings.

    Microgaming offers one of the most comprehensive blackjack portfolios available, with most games playable on most any type of mobile device. Playable from smartphones and tablets, these titles are compatible with most common operating systems including:

    • Android
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • Blackberry

    Most of these blackjack games are available in standalone downloadable apps and in HTML5 format for browser-based play.

  7. Other blackjack variants

    Also available are uniquely developed regional variants of blackjack such as Atlantic City, European, and Spanish-style variants. Each variant comes with different sets of rules based on the available cards, doubling and splitting options, and whether or not a natural blackjack is in play.

Blackjack Varieties and Basic Rules

Of the more than 40 variations of blackjack available, most of are minor variations of traditional blackjack games. However, some of these depart significantly from standard blackjack variants. Among the most popular blackjack games available are:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack - Atlantic City Blackjack has table limits that vary between $2 to 500, depending on the type of game played. Up to five hands can be played in the multi-hand variation, and games are played with eight decks.
  • Classic Blackjack - Classic Blackjack comes with a house edge of .28%, and table limits ranging from $2 to $500. The game is played with one deck.
  • Big 5 Blackjack - Big 5 Blackjack has a house edge of .51% and table limits range from $2 to $200. The game is played with five decks.
  • Bonus Blackjack - Bonus Blackjack has a .31% house edge, with table limits ranging from $2 to $200. The game is played with two decks, and the side bet minimum is $2.
  • European Blackjack - European Blackjack has a .35% house edge, with table limits ranging from $5 to $200. Limits may be raised to $10,000 by request. The game is played with two decks.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack - Vegas Strip Blackjack offers a house edge of .28%, with table limits in the $2 to $200 range. The game is played with four decks.
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack - Vegas Downtown Blackjack offers a house edge of .31 percent. Table limits are in the $2 to $200 range. The game is played with two decks.
  • Triple Sevens Blackjack - Triple Sevens Blackjack is played with pretty much the same rules as European blackjack. The only difference is that side bets are made for the progressive jackpot.
  • Double Exposure - Double Exposure has a house edge of .62%. Table limits range from $2 to $200, and the game is played with eight decks.
  • Pontoon - Pontoon has a house edge of .37%. Table limits range from $5 to $200. The game is played with eight decks.
  • Spanish Blackjack - Spanish Blackjack has a house edge of .4%, with table limits of $2 to $200. The game is played with eight decks.
  • Super Fun 21 - Super Fun 21 has a house edge of .92%. The game is played with 1 deck.
  • HiLo 13 European Blackjack - HiLo 13 is played the same way as European Blackjack. However, there are additional side bets that pay out on certain hands.
  • High Streak Bonus - High Streak Bonus has the same rules as European Blackjack. However, there are additional side bets that pay out on certain outcomes.
  • Perfect Pairs European - Perfect Pairs is played pretty much the same way as European Blackjack, but with side bets paid on certain outcomes.
Game Total Decks Dealer on Soft 17 Double Once Split Double Re-Split Aces Draw To Split Aces Dealer Up-Card Surrender RTP%
Atlantic City 8 Stand Yes Any No No Yes Yes 99.65%
Atlantic City Gold 8 Stand Yes Any No No Yes Yes 99.62%
Bonus Blackjack 2 Hit Yes Any No No Yes No 99.62%
Classic blackjack 5 Stand No 9 to 11 No Yes No No 99.60%
European Gold 2 Stand No 9 to 11 No Yes No No 99.60%
European blackjack redeal 2 Stand No 9 to 11 No Yes No No 99.60%
Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack 2 Stand No 9 to 11 No Yes No No 99.60%
Premier High Streak Blackjack 2 Stand No 9 to 11 No No No No 99.47%
Vegas downtown 2 Hit Yes Any No No Yes No 99.62%
Vegas single deck 1 Hit No 9 to 11 No No Yes No 99.69%
Vegas strip 4 Stand Yes Any No No Yes No 99.65%

Multiplayer Blackjack

Multiplayer Blackjack is ideally suited to blackjack players that wish to enjoy the social aspect of the game. Providing players with the opportunity to play with other human players in real-time, these multiplayer offerings add a new level of realism and authenticity to every game.

As with all other blackjack titles in the company’s lineup, the multiplayer games deliver an outstanding playing experience, with great graphics and sound, fast action, and smooth gameplay.

Progressive Blackjack

The company’s massively popular Triple 7s games now come with a progressive jackpot that offers players the chance to win some huge rewards. This particular variant of the game is played with five decks, with dealers required to stand on 17. Progressive jackpot games are also playable in Expert Mode, which enables players to customize strategy charts and make use of the Auto Play feature.

Blackjack House Edge

One of the most crucial aspects of winning at blackjack is becoming familiar with the house edge. In addition to knowing how to play each hand that you are dealt, playing the Blackjack variants with the smallest house edges is essential to getting the most out of the game. The lower the house edge is, the better your chances are of winning.

Game House Edge
Classic Single Deck Blackjack 0.13%
Atlantic City Blackjack 0.35%
Bonus Blackjack 0.39%
Double Exposure Blackjack 0.69%
European Blackjack 0.39%
Spanish Blackjack 0.38%
Vegas Downtown Blackjack 0.38%
Vegas Strip Blackjack 0.34%

Classic blackjack offers the lowest house edge of all Microgaming’s blackjack games. If you can play the game perfectly and do not commit any playing or betting errors, it is possible to reduce the house edge to as little as 0.13% in classic blackjack.

Unfortunately, other blackjack variants take a leap upward in terms of the house edge at this point, with .35% to .38% the standard for such games as:

  • Vegas strip blackjack
  • Vegas single deck blackjack
  • Atlantic City blackjack
  • Spanish blackjack

When played perfectly and with no betting errors, Vegas strip blackjack and Vegas single deck blackjack come with a house edge of 0.35%.

Atlantic City blackjack is a regional variant of blackjack. Like most regional variants, it comes with a slightly higher house edge. A perfectly played game of Atlantic City blackjack offers a house edge of 0.36%.

Spanish blackjack has specific rules that differ from those of standard blackjack. It also comes with a much higher house edge than other variants, with a perfectly played game coming with a house edge of 0.38%.

Microgaming Blackjack FAQ

Is there a difference between Mobile and Desktop blackjack?

Most of the blackjack games available can be played equally well on a desktop and a mobile device. There are obviously a few differences between the same games played on different platforms, as playing on a desktop gives you the advantage of a larger viewing surface and playing field. The desktop version also has generally smoother performance.

That being said, Microgaming has taken every effort to ensure that the mobile versions of its games deliver the same satisfactory playing experience as that which you could enjoy on a desktop. Depending on the specifications of your mobile device, it is possible to enjoy the same fast action and intense gameplay on a mobile device, albeit with a smaller view and slightly reduced performance.

Online blackjack games generally offer a lower house edge as compared to games in a land-based casino. However, there are strategies that can only be employed in a land-based casino–card counting is a good example–which further lower the house edge.

It is also worth noting that operators of land-based casinos have become wary of pros, and have raised their house edge to 1.5% and higher as a result.

Most of Microgaming’s blackjack titles can be played on a mobile device. Some of the more popular titles include:

  • Classic Blackjack
  • European Blackjack Gold
  • Vegas Single Deck Gold
  • Atlantic City Blackjack Gold
  • Triple Sevens Blackjack
  • Double Exposure
  • Spanish Blackjack
  • Bonus Blackjack

Microgaming strives to deliver the same quality gaming experience, whether with the Download or Instant Play version. You will therefore find both that provide satisfactory gameplay and impressive graphics and sound. And of course, there is a wide range of games available via either option as well.

That being said, the Download versions of these blackjack games offer just a bit more performance and quality benefits than the Instant Play versions. This is because the necessary files are downloaded and streamed directly from your hard drive, which always ensures better performance as compared to online streaming.

If optimal performance and fast and smooth gameplay are your priorities, the Download versions of the games are recommended. If you don’t mind giving up a little bit of performance (without compromising enjoyment) and want the convenience of being able to play quickly, Instant Play should be more than sufficient.

Most traditional blackjack strategies that are typically employed in land-based casinos will work equally well with Microgaming games. Most of the popular strategies are especially effective when used with progressive betting games.

This approach typically involves increasing your bet with each losing hand, and betting the minimum after each winning hand. When employed with the company’s blackjack games, this strategy enables you to determine your next wager amount quickly.

Many players have also gotten satisfactory results by employing the Martingale betting system. This strategy basically involves walk away while you are up.

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