Microgaming is one of the most respected online gaming developers in the world. The company was responsible for launching the world's first online casino, and it has maintained its reputation over the years with an endless array of cutting-edge releases that constantly raise the bar for online gambling.

Based on the Isle of Man in England, the company has been at the forefront of the online gambling industry since it was founded in 1994. Its catalogue currently stands at a staggering 650+ titles, with slots, table games, live dealer games, blackjack, and video poker among its most popular offerings.

Games At A Glance


The company has one of the biggest and most comprehensive casino game collections in the business, with a host of popular titles that includes:

Microgaming sets itself apart from the competition with unique content and progressive jackpot games that meet the highest standards for quality, performance, and playability.

Microgaming Casino Games Lists

We list some of the most popular by category here and you can link to the individual game types from the table.


Where does one even start with Microgaming? Your standard Microgaming casino hosts around 250 different slots in instant play and download mode, but the trends more recently has been upward with as many as 380 slot machine games.

As with many other things, Microgaming was first to market with slot machine games based on cult brands, popular characters and movie themes. Microgaming’s licensing deals have allowed them to build games like Hellboy, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Playboy, The Osbournes and many more.

Top 5 Microgaming Slots

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Table Games

Players can choose from just about every type of table game following every possible rule set. For example, the blackjack selection totals 40, with just about every know rule set supported. The biggest development in table games overt the last number of years was the “Gold Series” platform, which takes graphics quality to another level.

Top 5 Microgaming Blackjack Games

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Fruit Machines

These games originated in British pubs and typically are played for lower stakes with potentially longer engagement cycle on each bet.

The Best Migrogaming Fruit Machines

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Casual and Instant Win Games

This is a popular growth area for many software providers. These instant play games, also called “ball games” are very popular. Instant win games include the ever-popular scratch card games, and Microgaming has a growing selection of “scratchies”.

The Best Microgaming Casual Games

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Video Poker

Every variety you will find in a Vegas casino and even a few with new twists. Most types have a 25, 50 and 100 hand version.

Top 5 Microgaming Video Poker Games

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Progressive Jackpots

We deal with these in some details elsewhere but the Most popular is Mega Moolah which has been paying out big jackpots since 2005. Also see our Winners Page for more details.

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Bingo and Parlor Games

A variety of bingo and lotto style games. These have varying themes and bingo card layouts.

Top 5 Microgaming Bingo Games

  • Pharaoh Bingo

    Pharaoh Bingo

    Here is a novel arcade game from Microgaming. The bingo style game card shows patterns of numbers that can pay out big if the bingo balls fall in the right combination.

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Much More Than Just Licensed Games

The company delivers more than just branded content. Its development team has created a wide range of truly unique games from the ground up, including perennial crowd-pleasers such as:

The company's lineup of multiplayer games have proven to be equally well-received, and it even offers a range of bespoke services that are ideally suited to the needs of casino operators looking for better control over game aesthetics and performance.

Microgaming Game Technology and Design

Microgaming takes great pride in offering games for every taste and preference, with each title designed by a specialist team of award-winning game designers. At the core of each game is the team's unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, originality, and high performance.

The rigorous approach to game design and development may be seen as borderline obsessive by some. But this focus and commitment is exactly why the company is able to offer online casino players such a high-quality gaming experience.

Quality content for every platform

Microgaming is known for releasing games on all platforms, which is why the company has one of the widest ranges of online gaming software around. This wide reach also enables the company to provide every type of player the opportunity to play whatever type of game they want-whenever and wherever they want.

Microgaming's cross platform games technology leds the industry in many ways - from functionality, to number of titles, to variety.

Game Development

The following programing languages are utilized in the development of its state-of-the-art games:

  • C++
  • C#
  • .NET
  • Flash
  • HTML5
  • Java

The company's titles are compatible with virtually every major operating system on the market, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Players looking for the cutting-edge in gaming technology will especially appreciate the games that have been released on Download and Flash platforms. These titles utilize the latest in gaming technology, providing an absolutely world-class gaming experience.

Flash Casino Games Client

Want to make the most of your late-model computer and fast internet connection? No problem! Microgaming gives you the option to play even its newest games in high performance mode, while those using older computers and regular internet connections can enjoy a similarly rewarding experience at less resource-intensive settings.

The company's in-house developers use the most up-to-date versions of Adobe Flash and Microsoft .NET, ensuring the total reliability and flexibility of its Flash client system. Capable of delivering excellent performance on Windows and Apple machines, these games set the standards for the interactive gaming industry.

ActionScript 3 is utilized in the development of such cutting-edge titles as:

Representing the state-of-the-art in online gaming, these and many other titles deliver flawless graphics, exciting gameplay, and full cinematic audio.

Microgaming Download Client

Microgaming's Download client is designed to work seamlessly with the latest versions of the Windows operating system, providing players with a robust and reliable gaming solution. Unlike other download casinos, the system does not require the installation of NET Framework or any other programming model. In most cases, players simply have to download the required software, and the games are available to play instantly.

The use of C++ programing language has made it possible for the company to produce games that are not only fully-featured, but are fully scalable as well. And with a state-of-the-art download client that delivers maximum performance, tasks such as gameplay tracking and account maintenance are now simpler than ever.

The company even offers a suite of built-in marketing tools that are manageable via the back office. These provide operators with an easy and simple solution for single player and group-focused marketing.

Microgaming Games FAQ

Are Microgaming games fair?

All the company's games can be trusted to provide a safe, secure, and fair gaming experience, with truly random outcomes. The company has one of the longest established reputations for fair payouts and world-class customer service in the industry.

All titles under the brand are certified by eCOGRA, an independent gambling regulatory firm that ensures the fairness of all gaming titles. The organization works to ensure that all games are unbiased, and that winnings are paid out in an accurate and timely manner.

Download games generally provide higher quality and better performance than Flash games. Download titles released by Microgaming offer superior graphics and sound, as well as a more stable gaming experience compared to their Flash versions.

That being said, Flash games do offer a unique set of advantages as well, not the least of which is the ability to play games quickly on-the-go. You do need to have the Flash plug-in installed and enabled in your browser. But apart from that requirement, Flash games provide a quick and convenient alternative to having to download a huge install file.

Quickfire is a revolutionary gaming technology that provides both players and operators increased flexibility and enhanced functionality with regard to the gaming experience. The technology enables players to launch different Microgaming titles quickly and easily, compared to native platform games.

Quickfire also makes it possible to play games instantly on computers, smartphones, and tablets. And because progressive jackpot games on the Quickfire platform are interconnected, pot amounts can increase exponentially every single day.

On the part of online casino operators, Quickfire makes it easy to integrate Microgaming games with fewer technology issues. Operators have previously had to utilize a different platform in order to include Microgaming games to the site's library. By utilizing the Quickfire platform, operators no longer have to set the system individually for each of provider's games.

Quickfire provides operators with a wide range of Microgaming games to offer their customers. There are currently more than 400 titles available through the Quickfire platform, with new titles released every month.

Finally, Quickfire games provide superior flexibility with regard to support, with many different kinds of currencies accepted. And with support for several languages and full operator control, operators are able to provide a generally more satisfying gaming experience.

Learn more about Quickfire

Flash has long been the industry standard when it comes to Instant Play or No Download games. Allowing players to get started playing immediately with no need for long download times, Flash was a convenient option that was nonetheless often hindered by less-than-optimal performance and stability issues.

HTML5 has addressed many of those issues, providing many of the same benefits as Flash without the drawbacks. HTML5 enables superior versatility and flexibility with regard to gaming devices, enabling players to access the latest gaming titles on most any Internet-capable device. And unlike Flash, HTML5 games work on most any Apple iOS devices.

In terms of performance and gameplay, HTML5 games are clearly several steps ahead of Flash games. Better graphics and sound, faster and smoother gameplay, and a generally more rewarding gaming experience are only some of the advantages offered by HTML5, and it has become the technology of choice for top gaming developers. Check out more details about the Microgaming mobile platform features here. Pse link to mobile page

For many years, players on Mac machines have been somewhat neglected in terms of support and availability of casino games. Because most casino games were developed for Flash technology, Mac users have had to deal with poor performance and numerous incompatibility issues.

This is no longer the case however, as companies such as Microgaming have made all their titles compatible with Mac machines running iOS operating systems. Nowadays, you can hardly find a top gaming title that isn't fully compatible with a Mac.

Microgaming has in fact released a downloadable poker client for the Mac, via the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). Announced in October 2016, the client is available for the more than 27 different clients on the MPN platform.

Online casino games generally offer better odds as compared to games in land-based casinos. While most land-based casinos pay out an average of 88% out of every wager, the top online casinos pay anywhere from 95% to 97%.

How are online casinos able to offer better odds? It generally comes down to lower overheads. Online casinos do not have to pay rent on costly real estate, and they generally have lower operational costs as well. In addition, online casinos employ far fewer people than typical land-based casinos. Online casinos are therefore able to pass their savings on to players in the form of better odds.

Most of the time, yes they do. Even though licensees have the flexibility to choose the games they support, most will offer every new game that Microgaming launches. Some might choose to exclude some of the older games. Quickfire casinos tend to be more selective that the full Viper casinos.

The company regularly publishes Return to Player (RTP) percentages and makes the information available to the public. Most of the company's titles offer payout percentages of around 96%, with some titles offering even higher percentages.

Some of the Microgaming slots that offer the best payout percentages are:

  • Cashanova: 96.41% RTP
  • Adventure Palace: 96.1% RTP
  • Agent Jane Blonde: 96.1% RTP
  • Thunderstruck: 96.1% RTP
  • Spring Break: 96.1% RTP

No, Microgaming sets the RTP percentages for all games.