The popularity of Window Mobile phones is increasing. As a response to this, Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software developers, has launched the first casino app for Windows Mobile devices.

As the first online casino software developer to take this step, Microgaming is showing that it is keeping a close eye on tech trends and making sure that it stays up to the minute with them. Accordingly, the company has identified statistics that indicate that Windows Mobile usage is showing a significant increase, especially in European countries.

The Windows app will allow players who own devices that run on Windows to download and install the casino software in order to play real money casino games. The app is compatible with Windows Phone 8.0 or Windows Phone 8.1.

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At the time of writing only one casino, namely Jackpot City, supported the new app technology but over time more casinos will launch their own apps. We will keep you up to speed on this page.

In the meantime you can visit any other Microgaming mobile casino and play their HTML5 games in your web browser on your Windows mobile device.

Windows Mobile Supported Casinos

About the Windows Mobile casino app

The app contains more than 35 of Microgaming’s most popular premium games. This includes table games, slots, video poker and progressive jackpot games. The software is extremely user-friendly, specifically designed to provide a simple and intuitive experience for end users. Installing and playing any of the games is a matter of a mere two taps on the interface, to ensure that players can be up and running in as few steps as possible. What’s more, the app auto-detects the type of device that the player is using and tailors the interface accordingly, so that game play is seamless and natural.

Microgaming intends to update the app regularly, with new games and new features, and will also focus on enhancing the playing experience with each update. The app will be maintained so that it is always forward compatible in order to remain up to date with new Windows Mobile operating systems. For example, when Windows 10 is released the app will already be usable on it, which will also enable it to run on a wider range of Windows devices.

Windows Mobile 10

Windows Mobile 10 will be the successor to Windows Mobile 8. The omission of a version 9 is a deliberate move on the part of Microsoft to indicate that Windows 10 will be a brand new operating system, rather than just an incremental progression from the previous version. Windows 10 will run on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

The new operating system is also an attempt to address some of the less popular aspects of Windows 8, especially its radical break from the familiar Windows interface that has caused such consternation among users. Accordingly, Windows 10 will have the more familiar desktop user interface, heralding the return of the task bar and the Start button. It will also dispense with the new style full screen interface and bring back the familiar discreet resizable windows. The aim is to ensure that Windows 10 is immediately recognisable and usable for traditional Windows users.

Windows 10 is slated for release some time towards the middle of 2015.

Microgaming’s Windows Mobile casino app rollout

Microgaming’s new Windows Mobile casino app is currently only available at JackpotCity Casino. The casino has made it easy for players to get the app with a dedicated page that provides the software, with screenshots of the app and a direct download link.

JackpotCity Casino’s latest sign-up bonus is also available via the Windows Casino app, and players are able to take advantage of this as soon as they have installed the app and opened a real money account. JackpotCity Casino’s Windows Mobile casino app is packed with features, and offers an exceptionally reliable playing experience. The casino expects it to gain much favour among Windows Mobile phone users, and to increase player retention and player loyalty.

Microgaming intends to roll out the casino app to other casinos in due course – the company hasn’t announced any specific plans, but has stressed that it will be “soon”. We will keep you updated and list the online casinos that have the app available on this page and via email as it is rolled out to more casinos.