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If you enjoy playing roulette online, you will be pleased to know that Microgaming offers just about every variety of the game, at a range of bet sizes which favors everyone from small budget gamblers to high rollers.  Please refer to our complete list of Microgaming roulette casinos. As well as all the names of online casinos which provide Microgaming roulette games, it specifies game variants and betting prices available. 

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    Roulette Royale
    Roulette Royale
    European Roulette
    European Roulette
    European Roulette Gold
    European Roulette Gold
    American Roulette Gold
    American Roulette Gold

Types of Roulette at Microgaming

Microgaming roulette casinos offer variations on the three classic styles of this elegant table game – American, European and French. European roulette is the original game, whose wheel contains 36 numbers plus only one zero, while the American game has two. In addition to a single zero wheel, French roulette has the “La Partage” advantage, which means that if the ball lands on the zero, you will only lose half of your bet. The American version has the highest house edge of these three games, while the French has the lowest. Some new and exciting forms of Microgaming roulette are the feature packed 3D Premier Roulette and progressive jackpot game Roulette Royale. Multi Wheel Roulette allows you to play up to eight roulette wheels at one time. Bets in the Microgaming games may range from anywhere from 25c to $2000.

Progressive Roulette at Microgaming Casinos

Players who participate in Roulette Royale, Microgaming’s Progressive Roulette game, will be linked to an international jackpot network, with the opportunity to win a top prize that rises steadily with each new gambler who plays. Roulette Royale follows the European Roulette rules, using a wheel with numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero. To win at Roulette Royale, the same number must be hit repeatedly. If it is hit twice, three times or four times in a row, you will win multiple amounts of your original wager. If the number is hit five times consecutively, then the progressive jackpot is yours.

The Gold Series Roulette

Microgaming has long been known for the high caliber of its casino gaming software, especially its sharp clean cut graphics. In 2005, the Gold Series of Microgaming Roulette and Blackjack games was introduced. This premium series stars colorful enhanced graphics and animations and ultra realistic sound effects, for an even more authentic casino gaming experience. The customizable table layout view is excellent and offers an inset close up of the ball as it lands on the roulette wheel. A fast paced Auto Play option is available, as well as an Expert Mode. An interactive chip management system adds to the overall realistic feel.

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