Pure Microgaming takes a look at the various types of banking methods you will find at Microgaming casinos. Here we cover the following:


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Online Casino Deposit Methods At Microgaming Casinos

Credit and Debit Cards

Most Microgaming casinos–and indeed most online casinos–accept credit cards and debit cards as payment methods for funding online casino accounts. Visa and MasterCard are the two most commonly accepted credit cards, although most casinos will accept other credit cards as well. Not all casinos that accept credit card and debit card deposits will allow players to withdraw funds into their credit card accounts. A number of casinos in the UK allow withdrawals only to MasterCard, and only if the deposits were made via MasterCard in the first place. Furthermore, there may be limits to the amount that you may withdraw. Keep in mind that some credit card companies consider deposits into online casino accounts as "cash advances". These types of transactions therefore typically incur higher interest rates and additional fees per transaction.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards work the same way as e-wallets in that they can be used to make payments and fund online casino accounts. The main difference is that prepaid cards are assigned a specific monetary value, so there is no "replenishing" or "refunding" the card to speak of. Prepaid cards can generally be used in combination in order to deposit larger sums into an online casino account. There is usually no fee associated with the use of such cards and the funds will be available in the online casino account immediately. Paysafecard Card is a great example of a prepaid card usable at online casinos. It is accepted in the United Kingdom, Most of Europe and Australia


Electronic wallets or e-wallets allow users to perform a wide variety of transactions online without the need for a credit card/debit card or bank account. These services essentially provide customers with an independent account from which they can make payments and purchases. Although e-wallets can be used without a credit card or a bank account, they are typically linked to a bank account in order to facilitate funding. For purposes of depositing funds into an online casino account, players will have to "prefund" the e-wallet via a bank transfer from their own bank accounts in order to ensure that sufficient funds are available to make a casino deposit. Most online casinos also allow players to withdraw their winnings and bonuses into their e-wallets. From there, the funds can be transferred into the player’s bank account or may be used via the e-wallet. The best examples of e-Wallets are:

  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ecocard

Instant Bank Transfers

As the term implies, instant bank transfers move funds from one bank account to another, with the funds being made available in the receiving account instantly. In contrast, the funds from standard bank transfers can take anywhere from one day to a week to appear in the receiver’s bank account. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Go to the "deposits" page of the casino.
  2. Choose "instant bank transfer" as the deposit option.
  3. Select your bank. You will then be redirected to the instant bank transfer page of your bank.
  4. Enter your online banking log-in details. Most of the details should already be filled up in the form.
  5. Specify the amount you wish to transfer.
  6. Authorize the payment.

Not all banks in the UK offer instant bank transfers. Some of the banks that do provide this service are: Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, Barclays, Citi, Clydesdale, Co-op, Halifax Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Nationwide, NatWest, Northern Bank, Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank and Yorkshire Bank.

Bank Wire or Bank Draft

Bank wires are among the safest ways to fund an online casino account. The process itself is fast and simple, and can be done online, by phone, or in person. Keep in mind however that standard bank transfers usually take two to five days to process, so you will probably not be able to use the funds in an online casino instantly. Your bank may also charge you a fee for transferring money into the casino’s bank account.

Deposits At High Street Betting Shops

Betting shops such as Ladbrokes and William Hill Casino provide basic banking services right at their outlets. Casino players can typically make deposits into online casino accounts via these services.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking solutions such as PayByphone and Boku can be used to fund casino accounts in many online casinos. These services enable customers to make purchases and pay for service via funds available in their prepaid cards or on credit via post-paid phone plans. Only the mobile phone number is provided, and no credit card or bank information is collected. This is the process for depositing funds into an online casino account via mobile banking:

  1. Go to the deposit page of the casino.
  2. Select "pay by mobile" as the deposit method.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Specify the amount to be deposit. Funds will be deducted from your prepaid credits or will be billed from your postpaid phone account.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

How to Withdraw from Microgaming Casinos

Credit and Debit cards

Credit cards and debit cards aren't typically used for making withdrawals at UK casinos. Relatively few casinos offer this option, and those that do tend to allow only withdrawals to MasterCards issued in the UK. Players who wish to cash out via credit cards are also usually limited to withdrawing only an amount equivalent to the combined total of all their deposits. Any amount above that will have to be withdrawn via another banking method. With Microgaming casinos that allow credit card withdrawals, processing time is usually three to five days. Most such transactions do not entail additional fees.

Prepaid cards/online vouchers

Prepaid cards such as PaySafeCard generally cannot be used for withdrawals at online casinos. Most casinos that accept deposits via prepaid cards recommend that players withdraw their winnings via bank transfer.


Most UK-based online casinos allow players to withdraw winnings and bonuses into an e-wallet. Some of the most commonly accepted e-wallet services are:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

Funds withdrawn via e-wallet are usually available instantly, although they may take up to 48 hours. Keep in mind that withdrawing funds from an e-wallet into your bank account will usually entail a small fee.

Instant bank transfers

Online casinos typically do not offer instant bank transfers as withdrawal options.

Bank wire transfers

Withdrawals via bank transfers can take a long time to process. Depending on the casino, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to five days for the funds to appear in your bank account after making the withdrawal. Policies such as "reverse withdrawal time" can also have an effect on the withdrawal process.

Betting shops

Ladbrokes and William Hill Casino are two betting shops that allow customers to withdraw their funds from online casinos. The process is usually fast and simple, although some betting shops may require customers to register for the withdrawal service. This requires a physical access card and/or password, in addition to the standard log-in details. Most betting shops have withdrawal limits, but some may allow you to withdraw beyond that if you inform them in advance of the full amount you wish to withdraw. Betting shops generally do not charge fees for withdrawal from online casino accounts.

Microgaming Casino Payment FAQ

How safe and secure is it to play at Microgaming casinos?

Microgaming is one of the longest running online casino software providers in the business, and it has a solid reputation when it comes to ensuring player safety and security. With each new version of the company’s gaming software, security and data encryption standards have consistently been improved. The latest version–Viper–meets the highest standards for security in the online merchant industry, with every transaction protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Microgaming is also a founding member of eCOGRA, an independent supervisory organization for the online gambling industry. eCOGRA is responsible for testing and certifying company’s licensees, ensuring conformance with fairness, safety, and responsibility standards.

Withdrawal processing times can vary considerably depending on the method and from company to company. The following serves a rough guideline of typical withdrawal times for common payment methods, although you should check with your bank, payment service, and casino for specifics.

  • Credit and debit cards: three to five business days
  • e-Wallets: one to 48 hours
  • Bank transfers: one to five business days
  • Prepaid cards/online vouchers: only if the casino offers prepaid vouchers as a withdrawal method and this is extremely rare.

Many UK-based casinos implement a reverse withdrawal time policy of up to 48 hours, during which time the requested funds are kept on hold. This policy serves several purposes:

  • it gives players the opportunity to reverse their withdrawals or cash-out requests
  • it gives the casino sufficient time to verify payment details
  • it gives the casino sufficient time to process all pending transactions, which may run into the thousands.
  • it gives the casino sufficient time to perform security checks
  • it protects the casino from players who sign up to take advantage of bonuse.

With casinos that have a reverse withdrawal time policy in place, the 48 hour grace period will obviously impact on the withdrawal period. For withdrawal methods that typically take a long time–such as bank transfers, for example–this will obviously make the withdrawal process even longer. Not all casinos have a reverse withdrawal time policy. Some examples are Mr Green Casino and Paddy Power Games. Other casinos such as 32Red Casino allow players to specify the length of the reverse time period, with the opportunity to have the withdrawal processed in as little as four hours.

In addition to reverse withdrawal times, some online casinos also offer manual flushing. This refers to the process of "flushing" your account so that there are no funds left. By initiating the flushing process, players essentially give up their right to reverse withdrawals. 32Red Casino is an example of a casino that allows players to flush their accounts.

Most online casinos catering to UK players will not charge you for making a deposit regardless of the payment method you use.

KYC stands for "know your customer". This is a set of guidelines implemented by the UK Gambling Commission by which UK-specific online casinos can get to know about their players, including who they are, their age, where they live, the types of games they play, and so on.

KYC enables online casinos to provide players with more a satisfactory customer experience. It also ensures that the casino in question conforms to laws and regulations pertaining to responsible gambling and payment methods.

In most cases, the KYC process is done automatically via information that is available from the polling register. Players who are not on the polling register however may be required to send identification documents and proof of age. Documents typically requested for purposes of KYC are:

  • passports
  • driver’s licenses
  • government issued documents

In some cases, players may be requested to provide additional information and documentation regarding their account activity and account funding methods.

It is also common for the casino to request a recent utility bill to verify the player's address.

Any and all information collected with regard to KYC will be kept in the strictest confidentiality and will not be shared with any other party. Information collected for KYC purposes will be treated in accordance with data protection and privacy laws. Furthermore, the information will only be collected once, and will then be stored on file until the player’s account is closed.

CashCheck provides an up to date statement reporting all cash transactions related to money you have deposited, bets you have placed, winnings you have earned and withdrawals you have made.