PureMicrogaming.com Recommends Neteller

We recommend Neteller for online casino banking. Here are just a few reasons why:

Easy To Use and Secure 

Ease of use and security are two prime concerns for players wanting to make deposits at online casinos and Neteller scores full marks in both. You can open a Neteller account for free within a few minutes. Then you can load it with a large number of deposit options. Finally you can instantly transfer funds to online casinos, other online merchants and friends. This way your sensitive personal information remains only on Neteller’s secure servers and is not revealed to any online gambling sites.

Further, Neteller ensures the security of each financial transaction through deployment of the latest technology like 128-bit encryption protocols, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring. Neteller operates under the oversight of the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, which ensures that it has the required controls in place.

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Convenient Access To Your Money 

Neteller holds more than 100% of your deposits as liquid cash and hence your funds will be available any time you need them. You can transfer funds wherever you want round the clock and from anywhere in the world. You simply log into your Neteller account and carry out the transaction online. You can even instantly withdraw funds as cash using the Net+ prepaid card from ATMs around the world. This card, which is linked to your Neteller account, is a great product to have when travelling because it enables you to make online and offline purchases.

Free Person To Person Money Transfer

With Neteller your transfers to online casinos is free. Not only that, but you can also transfer funds to friends and family across the world without any charge. All you need is the recipient’s e-mail address that is linked to his or her Neteller account.

Universal Availability at Online Gambling Sites

It will be difficult to find an online gambling site that does not accept Neteller as a payment option. Therefore only with Neteller you are guaranteed to cover all online casinos. You will not need another payment option. As an added benefit most online casinos offer special promotions to players making deposits using Neteller. Most likely you will get additional bonuses with every Neteller deposit. From time to time Neteller hosts special events in conjunction with popular online casinos. Then you may get even more attractive bonuses, free play and other benefits.

Earn Rewards For Every Transaction You Make

For every transaction you make using Neteller, you will earn reward points. Neteller classifies its users under various VIP levels. Every time you move money in or out of your account you will earn 1 reward point for each USD or equivalent currency unit if you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold VIP. As a Platinum VIP you will earn 1.25 reward points for every USD and as a Diamond VIP you will earn 1.5 reward points. These reward points can then be redeemed for luxury electronic items, gift cards and even cash.

As a VIP Neteller user you will be entitled to a number of other benefits that include multiple currency accounts, higher withdrawal limits at ATMs and cash back earnings.

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