Microgaming Joins All-in Diversity Project

The All-in Diversity Project, an online gambling industry-driven initiative to push for inclusion and diversity, has welcomed Microgaming as a Founding Member. The campaign was formed by Kelly Kehn and Christiana Thakor-Rankin, and seeks to establish a global casino industry standard index that will measure inclusion and diversity in the industry.

The project collects data through worker surveys, as well as the All-Index, which is the definitive benchmark tool for the gambling industry to measure progress in inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

All-in Diversity seeks to "shift the paradigm for inclusion through transparency, measurability and actionable tactics.”

The importance of diversity in the industry is continuously stressed by gambling authorities and watchdogs who encourage inclusion in all companies.

Microgaming Welcomed Onboard

The Isle of Man based Microgaming was welcomed onboard as a Founding Member of the All-in Diversity Project by co-founder Kelly Kehn.

"The team at Microgaming brings a breadth of industry knowledge and expertise to the table with their brands, products and policies as well as a real passion for people which is reflected in the diversity of their teams spread across the world," said Kelly Kehn. "There is no limit to what we can achieve with this caliber of supplier on board."

Microgaming has Strong and Dynamic Workforce

Microgaming has always taken pride in its employees, and the group's chief financial officer, John Coleman, said that's diverse workforce keeps it "strong, dynamic and moving forward”.

"It is important that we identify industry-specific barriers to inclusion and diversity so we can continue to work on areas where we can help diversity thrive," said the CFO.

"We look forward to working with All-in Diversity and being part of the driving force aimed at creating a more inclusive environment within the industry for years to come," he added.