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Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is based on the zombie vs. survivor theme. Something very serious has happened in Las Vegas. It is no longer a bustling city. Nobody is rushing to the casinos anymore and the streets wear a deserted look. A fierce battle rages between the infected and the survivors. Players can plunge into the fun by either playing as a human survivor or a zombie.

About Lost Vegas

The dark reels of Lost Vegas are set against the glittering, but deserted city of Las Vegas and feature dull icons of high-value cards are ugly zombies. The slot has five reels and 243 ways to win.

Based on the zombie theme, the slot is not for the faint of heart. The graphics and audio effects are quite effective and well in keeping with the slot's theme. The animations are few and far between, but timed to strike terror into players' hearts as they play.

Bet Sizes

The slot has an affordable betting range of 0.30 to 45.00 and players can bet up to 30 coins at a time. Since the slot has 243 paylines, which are activated automatically, they do not have to manually activate paylines. They simply have to select their bet size and hit the spin option.

What You Can Win

Players can play as either survivors or zombies and win up to 97,000 coins at a time. The scatter payouts are quite generous, and players can win 2250 coins for spinning a combination of five scatters. If players land five wild symbols along a payline, they will win a jackpot of 450 coins.

Bonus Rounds

Lost Vegas Slot is loaded with bonus features. In addition to a wild and a scatter that can help add to players' winnings, the slot offers a Blackout Bonus, which gets activated at random during the base game. If this happens, players will win cash prizes from the high symbols. The Blackout Bonus gets activated only if a spin doesn't result in a win.

There is also a zombie fist of cash to look forward to. It can appear at random during the base game, but only if the spin hasn't resulted in a win.

Free Spins

If players’ line up at least three scatter symbols along an active payline, the free spins feature gets activated. Interestingly, there are two free spins modes, and the free spins mode that gets activated depends on players' initial choice of playing as zombies or survivors. If players have chosen to play as zombies, they will receive the free spins with infection feature. If they have chosen to play as survivors, they will receive the free spins with stash feature.

In case of the free spins with stash feature, all high-value card symbols such as aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens will vanish from the reels as soon as they appear and cash rewards will be added to players' survivor stash. At the end of the free spins feature, players’ wins will be added to the cash in their stash. The free spins feature continues till no more high-value card symbols appear on the reels.

In case of the free spins with infection feature, the full zombie stacks will infect reels and the infected reels will convert single wilds into stacked wilds. The free spins feature will continue till all the reels are infected. As many as 50 free spins can be played in this mode, and if players play all those 50 free spins, they will be awarded a bonus prize.

Important Game Symbols

The most important symbols in Lost Vegas Slot are the wild and the scatter. While the former helps players win extra prizes by substituting for the other icons, the latter activates the free spins feature. The high-value card symbols also have an important role to play during the survivor free spins mode as they can add cash into players' survivor stash. The reels also feature icons of zombies and survivors, which can add some smaller wins into players’ pockets.

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